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SalivaBio Children’s Swab (SCS) Method


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Intended Use: Animals |Children 6 months - 6 years
Quantity: 50pk
Volume Capacity: 2mL
System Features:

Hygienic, individually wrapped​ swabs, comfortable collection, clear instructions, verified statements of use, age- and species appropriate options, suitable for long-term storage (to -80° C), non-toxic, lot-specific QC report available

Ease of Use: Simple

Approved for Biomarkers: Alpha-Amylase | C-Reactive Protein | Chromogranin A | Cortisol | Cotinine | Interleukin-1 Beta | Interleukin-6 | Melatonin | Secretory Immunoglobulin A | Testosterone | DNA Analysis | Uric Acid
Protocol: Download PDF

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