Making a difference through salivary bioscience

The compelling stories, and their real-life challenges, are representative of the millions of individuals in the world whose lives can be dramatically improved by saliva-based research and subsequent life-changing diagnoses, treatments and medications.

Aging & Wellness | Obesity & Diabetes | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Sleep & Circadian Rhythm | Stress | Reproductive Health | Sports & Exercise Science | Animal Wellness & Human-Animal Interaction | Inflammation | Puberty & Child Development | Environment | Agricultural Sciences

Aging & Wellness

Susan’s father Kiichi is her hero; he inspired her to choose to become a pediatrician, and he has always been there to support her. She loves her father dearly, and wants him to be there for her children and provide them with wisdom and support as they grow and make their choices in life.

Research focused on the biochemical, genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying the process of aging, as well as the social and behavioral changes, is providing opportunities for more people to live longer, healthy and productive lives.

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Obesity & Diabetes

Lizzie is a happy nine year-old.  She is a great student who loves to read and tell stories.  She knows she’s a little heavier than the other kids but she doesn’t mind.  When she grows up, she wants to write funny books for children that make them laugh.

Integrative research in the field of obesity is advancing the knowledge of the biological and behavioral mechanisms and how they are dysregulated in disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Jill is thrilled to be home.  The last five years have been a commitment, not just to Jill, but one she made to her family as well.  She is hopeful the transition to being home will go well and that her experience away can help her get a good start on the next stage in her life.

Research in to understanding the mental and biological foundations of PTSD have led to further studies in to possible prevention and treatment of PTSD.  Other research is attempting to enhance cognitive, personality, and social protective factors and to minimize risk factors of PTSD after trauma.

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Sleep & Circadian Rhythm

Grace loves being a critical care nurse.  She is thrilled that she gets to make a difference in people’s lives.  Even though the work is stressful, the hours are long and often late at night, she appreciates the flexibility her schedule provides and wouldn’t ever dream of giving it up.

Research in the basic mechanisms of sleep and self-regulation will facilitate identification of operational intervention targets for optimizing self-regulatory functions involved in improving sleep and health behaviors.

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Anne has two wonderful children who are active in sports.  She always leaves work in time to take them to their practices, and she loves being with them and going to all of their games.  Between the demands at home, work, kids’ schedules, and what she enjoys doing and can squeeze in to her day, Anne often finds she is worn out and stressed.

Research is studying how our bodies respond to stress and when, so that we can develop healthy and effective stress reduction strategies and improve our health.

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Reproductive Health

Two years of trying, lots of doctor visits, countless walks and exercise, more food than I ever thought I could eat, a decorated nursery, a mommy class, and a page-by-page reading of ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ – but nothing prepared me for how I would feel when I held Sara for the first time.

Scientific research is aimed at alleviating human infertility and expanding fundamental knowledge of processes that underlie human reproduction.  This research enables the development of more effective strategies for the diagnosis, management and prevention of conditions that compromise reproductive health.

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Sports & Exercise Science

Stephanie can’t remember when she wasn’t passionate about running.  She has run competitively for the last five years, and now she is going to run in college and hopefully beyond.  She knows the training is going to be hard and she hopes she can keep up with it.

Research in to studying the biological response of our bodies to exercise, training and over-training provides the opportunity to develop programs that improve health and performance.

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Animal Wellness & Human-Animal Interaction

Champ is a 2-year-old therapy dog who brings joy and comfort to those in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, special needs centers, and disaster areas. Champ has a passion for smiles and lowering stress in patients and boosting positive moods in people. But Champ’s owner Natalie is concerned about Champ’s stress level in therapy environments and doesn’t want his psychological and physical health to decline as a result. Natalie wants to know whether keeping Champ on or off of his leash affects his stress at work. After all, Champ is also Natalie’s best friend and she wants him to enjoy life.

Researching biomarkers in animals or during human-animal interaction has uncovered individual behavioral triggers and account for some of the variability in animal behaviors. Studies have shown that owner personality may directly influence stress coping in dyadic relationships with animals. Saliva measures after social, non-social, separation, stranger, and transport situations have uncovered sources of elevated cortisol in pets and animal interactions that correlated with characteristic stressful behavior patterns. Results of these studies aid in developing coping mechanisms and limiting exposure to generally stressful situations, leading to healthier interactions between humans and animals.


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I love laughing and playing with Tyler – I love being his dad.  My dad had a heart attack when I was little and I’m determined to stay healthy and do everything I can to not have the same thing happen to Tyler and me.

Research in to biomarkers of inflammation are providing insight into which markers have biological relevance and may provide an understanding of genetic disposition and how to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases at an earlier stage.

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Puberty & Child Development

Ask Pallavi what her favorite thing to do is and she will tell you it is singing.  She sings at home with her mother and sisters, and sometimes she sings at school, too.  She looks just like her mother and will soon grow to become a beautiful young woman.

Research in to puberty and precocious puberty is increasing our understanding of the biological factors, as well as the emotional and social challenges for children and our environment.

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I’ve been smoking since I was a teenager.  I stopped for some time while I was pregnant, but started back up again.  I know I should quit! I really do want to quit, but it’s hard.  Smoking is not good for me and I know it affects my daughter Abbie.

Research in to smoking related illnesses, nicotine addiction and smoking cessation intervention programs is providing an understanding of the tools needed to provide effective programs and improve health.

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Livestock and Agricultural Sciences

George averages 150 pigs at his Indiana farm. George has been reading about how a pig’s quality of life can affect the quality of meat that is produced. He has learned that other farms have been successful by minimizing confinement and making sure their pigs spend a majority of time in an outdoor, natural environment socializing and even playing with toys. George is now determined to update his pigs’ living conditions to eliminate any stress they may experience, so that he can improve his products and maintain customer trust.

Non-Invasive, saliva based research can provide insight into livestock and animal welfare to improve performance, breeding, productivity, nutrition, behavior, and overall well-being. Studies have linked stress in farm animals to environment (such as heat-stress), handling conditions, and feed, which has raised awareness of food safety and food quality. Still, more research is needed to determine how livestock stress influences the nutritional qualities of animal products.

Saliva research also extends to competition (equine/horses) and zoo (primates, hippos, sea-lions) animals to assess biological conditions and be a voice to the caretaker(s).

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