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Comprehensive Saliva Laboratory Services from Salimetrics

Researchers seeking quantitative salivary assay support or contract research organizations (CRO) in search of a qualified saliva laboratory partner should utilize a lab that participates in a proficiency testing program; one that maintains industry leading, state-of-the-art saliva training on sample handling, storage protocols and assay techniques.

If the guidance you seek needs to go beyond salivary handling, collection and testing—if your research demands the distinct advantage of a salivary bioscience pioneer as a partner—we’ve got you covered.


What should you expect from a qualified saliva lab?

Are you getting the best results? Choosing the right lab is the most critical step towards accurate results. Utilize the lab comparison checklist below to rank any lab against the Salimetrics SalivaLab or our CEO labs to find an unparalleled saliva resource and research partner that shares your vision for applied salivary bioscience.

Choose the right lab

Choose the right lab for your study, and get results you can count on.

Saliva Lab

The leading full-service saliva lab partner to help you explore new frontiers in the science of saliva.


An international network of salivary bioscience labs evaluated and approved by Salimetrics for better results.

Other Labs

Any credible lab of your choice willing to test your saliva samples.

Saliva Lab Comparison
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CLIA certified laboratory
Over 25 years of Salivary Bioscience Experience
Automated, High-Throughput liquid Handling & Lab Protocols
Flexible Sample Testing Capacity
Quick Turn-Around and Rush Service Capabilities
Facilities to Provide Regulatory Assurance at the Highest Quality Standard for Diagnostic Testing
Certified, Routinely GLP Maintained and Calibrated Lab Equipment
Highest Quality Results
Able to Test Samples Using All Current Saliva Collection Methods
100% Study Support
Sample Archiving and Long-Term Sample Storage Available
The Best Sample Collection Guidance and Recommendations
Global Lab Network