05.14.2014 - Get Connected: First Annual Salivary BioScience Symposium

Steve W. Granger PhD, Salimetrics’ CSO attended the First Annual Salivary BioScience Symposium at Arizona State University and presented insights into immunoassay development to help biobehavioral researchers understand the complexities of working with oral fluid.  Dr. Granger elaborated on special issues related to the measurement of Nerve Growth Factor and Oxytocin in saliva.  “It was a great opportunity to discuss details about how to build immunoassays specifically for the oral fluid matrix,  the most biologically relevant forms of certain targets, and to learn more details about specific needs directly from the leaders in the salivary research community.”

See the Press Release about the First Annual Salivary BioScience Symposium, sponsored by ASU’s Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research.