10.09.2014 - Researchers review salivary bioscience as a measurement tool for prenatal and neonatal developmentā€¦

Author: Voegtline KM, et al. (2014) Front Endocrinol (Lausanne).

Dispatches from the Interface of Salivary Bioscience and Neonatal Research.

The emergence of the interdisciplinary field of salivary bioscience has created opportunity for neonatal researchers to measure multiple components of biological systems non-invasively in oral fluids. From a single oral fluid specimen, information can be obtained about a vast array of biological systems (e.g., endocrine, immune, autonomic nervous system) and the genetic polymorphisms related to individual differences in their function. The purpose of this review is to describe the state of the art for investigators interested in integrating these unique measurement tools into the current and next generation of research on gonadal steroid exposure during the prenatal and neonatal developmental periods..

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