08.23.2013 - Arizona State University IISBR and Dr. Granger Announce Spit Camp: Open Enrollment

Dr. Granger and Arizona State University’s Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research (IISBR) announce open registration for 6 upcoming Spit Camps this year. The new facilities at ASU have enabled us to expand our popular salivary bioscience training program. We are now able to offer Spit Camp more frequently and have bench space available to accommodate up to 10 attendees in each session at this cutting edge facility. Learn how to incorporate saliva as a research tool and effectively add biological data to your study.

Contact Kelly Henning at or (480) 965-6944 for more information or Pre-Register Here!

About ASU IISBR Spit Camp:

Spit Camp at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience at the Arizona State University is a comprehensive workshop led by Douglas Granger, PhD. This workshop focuses on the theoretical and applied integration of salivary analytes into behavioral, developmental, and health sciences. This improved workshop is designed specifically for both beginners who are new to salivary research, as well as faculty, post-docs, or advanced graduate students who are writing grant proposals, preparing projects to go into the field, or writing papers using salivary analyte data. This workshop features a full day of seminar and a full day lab practicum with hands-on experience using Salimetrics Assays.