12.11.2014 - Study finds disrupted Stress Reactivity and lower Cognitive Performance in Adolescents with PDE

Author: Buckingham-Howes S, et al. (2014) Dev Neurosci

Prenatal Drug Exposure Moderates the Association between Stress Reactivity and Cognitive Function in Adolescence.

In a prospective longitudinal study we examine whether PDE (Prenatal drug exposure) moderates the link between stress reactivity and cognitive functioning in adolescence. Participants were 76 prenatally drug-exposed and 61 nonexposed (NE) community comparison African American youth (50% male, mean age 14.17 years) living in an urban setting. All participants completed neuropsychological and academic achievement tests (Children's Memory Scales, the California Verbal Learning Test - Children's version and the Wide Range Achievement Test 4) over the course of 1 day in a laboratory setting. Two mild stressors (Balloon Analog Risk Task - Youth and Behavioral Indicator of Resilience to Distress) were administered, with saliva samples (assayed for cortisol) collected pre- and poststress task. A higher percentage in the NE group, compared to the PDE group (26% vs. 12%, χ2 = 4.70, d.f. = 1, n = 137, p = 0.03), exhibited....

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