The Spit Report -- Salimetrics

Volume 2, Issue 4, November 2009


Periodontal disease is a common inflammatory condition of the oral cavity caused by the body's efforts to combat chronic bacterial infection in the tissues that support the teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to irreversible tissue damage and ultimately to tooth loss, creating quality of life issues for many people. In addition, a growing body of evidence indicates that periodontal disease may contribute to or make worse a number of life-threatening conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and pre-term births.

The impact of periodontal disease is felt around the world, and it affects a large percentage of the population. Researchers have stepped up their efforts to understand the underlying science of the disease, with the ultimate goal of finding improved ways to diagnose and treat it before it causes serious harm. There has been increasing interest in exploring saliva for biomarkers related to the disease. Research has progressed to the point that we are now witnessing initial attempts to put what has been learned into practice. Once these practical trials have identified the most effective analytes and techniques, it should then be possible to make them available for clinical use. Ultimately, there is also the hope that it will be possible to identify those individuals who may have an underlying susceptibility to the disease, who can then be encouraged to seek out more frequent preventative care.

As an advocate for the use of salivary biomarkers for both research and diagnostic purposes, Salimetrics is making assays of analytes related to periodontal disease available to researchers and clinicians. In this issue of The Spit Report, we present a sampling of recent papers that illustrate some of the more important research areas within this broad topic.

JUST IN . . .

Salimetrics Introduces Assays for Biomarkers of Oral Inflammation: IL-1 beta, MMP-8 and Albumin

Salimetrics is developing three new salivary assays of inflammatory biomarkers–IL-1 beta, MMP-8 and albumin–which will be available to researchers and clinicians through our testing service in February 2010. The kit versions of these assays will be added to our product line in the late Spring of 2010, where they will join the highly sensitive ELISA kit for C-reactive protein that we released last year. These analytes have been identified as some of the most important markers associated with periodontal disease, and they may also have uses in studies involving other forms of oral and systemic inflammation.


Salimetrics Offers Genetic Testing for Markers Associated with Periodontal Disease

To facilitate research into the genetic predisposition of some patients towards periodontal disease, our DNA analytic service has prepared a panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms that have been found to have associations with periodontal disease. Initially, this panel will include markers for IL-1 alpha (C[-889]T), IL-1 beta (C[3953/4]T), CD14 (T[-260]C), IL-6 (G[-174]C), and IL-10 (C[-592]A). Our network of expert consultants may also suggest additional polymorphisms that are appropriate for your specific research topic.

For further information on our new periodontal markers, please call customer support at 1-800-790-2258, or email us at [email protected].