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The field of Salivary Bioscience is growing. New and innovative applications for salivary bioscience feed industry advancements faster than most researchers are aware. Combine these advancements with meaningful biological correlations and discoveries integrating salivary analytes and tomorrow – the future is here.

Salimetrics’ Resources are designed to keep you up-to-date and educated on the next generation of new and innovative applications that involve salivary bioscience.


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If you're attending a large conference or trade-show, stop in and schedule a consultation. We offer 1-on-1 consultations at every event we're attending. Feel free to meet the team and discus your project life-cycle at any event on the list! Grab a sample pack and get a live saliva collection demonstration.

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How Do I Get Better Results? (Spit Tips)  

Easy to read saliva-related videos and publications to advance your knowledge, saliva collection aptitude, and assay techniques.

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What are the Current Trends in Salivary Bioscience? 

Get the Salivary Bioscience Bulletin. The only saliva-related, scientific publication designed to bring you the latest salivary research techniques and cutting edge discoveries. It's not legacy, it's legendary.

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The future is here with the latest saliva-related research.

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