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Advancing Research Through Knowledge

Ready to add salivary measures to your research? Read Salimetrics' key guides in order to gain a basic understanding of using saliva and its relevant biological data for your research.

Recommended Reading


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Saliva Collection Methods and Techniques Handbook

Length: 18 Pages
Description: Learn the proper techniques and methods for saliva collection, handling, storage, and shipping with this step-by-step guide. If you’re collecting saliva for biomarker or analyte concentration analysis by ELISA, we’ve developed a better guide to provide you better results in your salivary testing…

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Saliva Brochure - Understanding Saliva

Description: Start here to learn about the global salivary research network, salivary analytes, and the basic steps to incorporate saliva into your research study. Also identify how Salimetrics can assist you throughout your project life-cycle.

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Saliva Brochure - Selecting Analytes In Saliva

Description: Then view this brochure for an overview of salivary analytes in research and the research tools we provide to help you in the analyte selection process.

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Saliva Brochure - Collecting Saliva

Description: Soon you'll be ready to start collecting saliva, but make sure you collect right! View this brochure for an overview of recommended collection volumes, Salimetrics tools for researchers, and available collection devices.

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Saliva Brochure - Choosing A Saliva Lab

Description: If you want accurate results, make sure you choose a reliable testing lab! In this brochure, we’ve put together a list of features and services to look for when searching for your saliva testing lab.