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Salimetrics Saliva Training Options

Need training on saliva collection methods or saliva testing protocols?

Learn from the experts! Salimetrics and its parntners have several salivary training options available.  Both UCI and COE Spit Camps feature full day seminars with a full day lab practicum utilizing Salimetrics Assays, while Spit Camp Workshops feature a 3 hour seminar and individual study consultations.


Spit Camp I

Basic concepts and lab practicum
Spit Camp I focuses on the theoretical and applied integration of salivary analytes into behavioral, developmental, and health sciences. Hosted at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience at the University of California Irvine, and led by Douglas Granger, PhD., this class is designed for both those who are new to salivary research, as well as faculty, post-docs, or advanced graduate students who are writing grant proposals, preparing projects to go into the field, or writing papers using saliva as a research tool.

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Spit Camp II

Analytical strategy & statistics
Spit Camp II is an advanced three-day workshop (also hosted by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience at the University of California Irvine) designed for researchers who are planning to collect, have already collected saliva samples for quantitative determination, or are planning secondary analyses from existing data-sets, and would like training and support as they work through the complex statistical issues involved in analyzing and modeling salivary analyte and biomarker data. Featuring both on-site and remote training, SCII was designed to support both, researchers planning a study (ie. collecting appropriate number of samples, participants, etc. to have statistically significant data) and those who have already collected salivary biomarker data.

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Spit Camp Workshops

Our workshops can be scheduled at your location and we will provide a lecture-based Spit Camp Workshop with a hands-on demonstration of saliva collection methods and devices.  Contact us to schedule a visit.

You can also request to schedule a workshop at your university below:

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Spit Camp COE

Our COE Spit Camp workshop mirrors our IISBR workshop, but is hosted by COE labs around the world and a Salimetrics team leader! Check back often for a lab near you!

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On-Site Training

Salimetrics on-site training is an option specifically for established labs and/ emerging labs. 

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